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  • Richard & Irene Chapman
    February 4, 2023 at 11:58 am

    Take notes on phone calls or walk-throughs when deciding on renting an Airbnb and follow up with an email. Always!
    We had taken notes during the walk through 14 months before our wedding & good thing we had. 9 days prior to our wedding AirBnB wasn’t able to process the remaining 50% payment from their end so they cancelled our reservation. We then went directly thru the owner & all was good.
    Then we received an email 2 days prior to our wedding saying that our 50+ wedding guests wud not be allowed to use the powder room as was promised in the walk through, which left us scrambling for a porta-potty w/wash basin. An extra $500 expense.
    On rehearsal day we discovered the owner (who lives in the Airbnb & vacates for events) had not cleaned up after her dog and found poop in the most walked on areas that wud be used for our wedding. So disgusting! We attempted to contact the owner of The Campbell Valley Estate, 21383 16th Ave, Langley, BC, regarding her dog’s messes. No answer. Our wedding staff & guests were alerted to avoid these areas & responding how disgusting this was that an irresponsible dog owner wud even attempt to run a biz!
    Then we discovered the fridges/freezers that were promised in the walk through, be emptied & sanitized for our use, were full of food & disgusting. We were left scrambling once again, this time to buy enuf coolers & copious amounts of ice to keep the food safe and drinks chilled. The temps were 31°+C both days!
    Upon arriving at this Airbnb it was discovered the water was down to a mere trickle, making it not only difficult to prep & cook the rehearsal dinner but also for our staff who was staying there to shower. What a disaster! Fortunately one of the chefs found the garburator solidly plugged and after fixing it, the water pressure was back to normal.
    All this time we were attempting to get ahold of the owner, who texted back saying she cudnt take calls, only texts. Who runs a business that can’t take calls or have someone available to address issues?
    Then we discovered someone on the premises who was not invited. He appeared to be looking for something in one of the 2 overstuffed fridges that were promised for our use. When asked why he was there, he threw up his hands and said he was the owner of the property & to take up any issues with his mother, punched the bride on her shoulder and walked off. There were those there that witnessed this & shocked to realize this same guy who had just displayed his aggression was barred from several prominent businesses in the area also because of his abusive behaviour!
    However, regardless of all these hurdles to get past, our rehearsal & wedding days were magical, we loved the beautiful setting and we have many wonderful memories!
    Both owners responded in ways that are so telling of their true characters & what is most important. When being questioned about the Airbnb not being ready for us, not as per conversation & notes taken in the walk through, one refused to own the issues by not taking our calls and the other became aggressive. The bottom line was ALL that mattered. Not professional!

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