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  • Yasmine
    September 12, 2022 at 4:43 pm

    Hello! I wanted to post a PSA regarding the wedding/event vendor BOSSENT ENTERTAINMENT. I asked for a performance for my engagement party and spoke on phone with the owner on August 17th.

    He gave me a quote and said once a deposit of 550$ was sent he would send over a contract as well as supporting paperwork. Once I sent the deposit the same day, I never received said contract or the paperwork. Mind you nothing was stated regarding deposit policies, or “non refundable” added to it.

    I asked the next day for the contract, he said he would send it that evening and again nothing was sent.
    One week later, I sent another message. No response. Again the next day.

    Finally, after trying another number I received a call back from him. He said on phone he will send contract info within a couple hours. I received absolutely nothing. After this I was extremely unsatisfied with his business practices and felt uneasy doing business with him.

    I then sent him a message on the second phone number stating that after discussing with my fiancé, we are wanting to cancel the performance and receive back my money. This is over a month in advance notice.
    My fiancé ended up sending him a message asking for the deposit as well and stating if he continued to ignore our messages he would hate to have to bring this to social media and “blast it”. Which was the final resort. And here we are. Stating an honest review

    BOSSENT owner Jasbir Shergill then decided to send a large message filled with legal jargon stating my deposit is non refundable and it is “binding in a court of law” and the performance is officially cancelled. Ever since this he has completely ghosted us. No accountability, no actions to fix the situation.

    I wanted to share this with the group in hopes that you will be very careful in dealing with this company as their practices are very poor.

  • Simar
    September 20, 2022 at 10:45 am

    Worst Experience ever, ruined my brother reception. Never hire this company/Jasbir Shergill for any event. Charged all the money upfront and never provided the services he promised.

    I hired his dance performance team and photo booth for the reception. He showed up late for the dance performance and set up his phpto booth when half of the party was already done. On top of that he didn’t even print any pictures at the photo booth. He kept lying that he is taking emails down of everyone and will email them. He never emailed anyone any photo booth picture.

    He has been dodging my phone calls for month and half after the reception. Please do not hire him because it’s pure waste of your money. I’ll never recommend working with Jasbir because he will for sure ruin your memorable event.

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