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  • Shr
    October 6, 2021 at 9:53 pm

    Love their work!

  • Mahima
    March 5, 2022 at 3:56 pm

    I booked Blue Rose April 2021 for bridal makeup for my wedding October 2021. I gave 50% deposit as per requirement. Her email at that time said that trials are $300. Closer to date I emailed her asking to book one and I was told she only does phone consult before weddings and if I insisted, it’d be $400 (if she could fit me in the schedule that is). Absolute BS to increase prices since weddings were starting again… When I did phone consult & sent pictures on request, she was fine with me. The call lasted maybbbeee 5 mins (bridal consult). She told me she’s really good at what she does and doesn’t do trials. She’ll do maybe 3 a year.

    I was warned by a colleague that she fakes leg injuries to avoid going up the stairs so will push to ready her Brides on main floor. Morning of, she calls me stating that I needed to move a car from my two car driveway (at 4 am) because she’s got a lot of stuff to bring in (one chair and two bags- which i also helped carry in btw), and because had an injured ankle (my colleague told me that she’d said to someone few months before she had an injured knee). I had just moved in the house so had little (but enough) furniture, but she insisted on having me be ready on main floor in front of everyone, so the shared space was limited.

    She wasn’t friendly AT ALL. Barely spoke to me or tried to get to know me or anything about my relationship. She was also rude to the other artist doing my bridal party.

    She rushedddddd everything. She is super quick. So I was ready by 6:30ish rather than 7 am, and she was supposed to stay till 8 am with me. 7-8 am is picture time, then she’s supposed to pin my chunni, do touch ups, and head out. But starting 7:30 she started rushing my photographer (but he didn’t listen to her from past experience). She sat in the corner with a scowl on her face. Didn’t talk to anyone/interact or anything. I asked her to help me put on my hand pieces and help tighten my lehnga because I felt I didn’t tighten it properly. She huffed and puffed doing that for me. Then I had my nath ring I really wanted to put on. It was a clip on. She “tried” to put it on and then told me it wasn’t moving and that I try it (but not too hard or I’ll break it too). I should’ve just “broken” it by trying it because either way she had me convinced to ditch it. But what good would my bridal jewelry be, intact but not worn?! Worst case it would’ve broken and I wouldn’t have worn it, just like how she convinced me to not wear it. And I (sadly) listened to her. A month later when I am putting my jewelry away, surprise surprise, there was no issue with the nath AT ALL.

    Finally we were getting ready to leave and she told me to grab my touch ups (mini mascara a little clear lipstick container). I grabbed them and rushed out. Wedding done, I’m about to just freshen up in car on my way to post wedding shoot, and notice there is NO lipstick in the container. It was empty. And thinking I had the lipstick, I never picked up any of my own for touch up. I didn’t want to clash shades by bringing my own. So in short, I had dry/chapped, half ass lipstick, no nath, for my Photoshoot.

    Afterwards the photographer told me that she’s gotten really snobby and full of herself over the last few years. Our photographer and her had a massive fight recently because she’d always be rude to other vendors and would be rushing them to take pics so she could leave early. They finally made up because the customers suffered ultimately because of it. Later, another makeup artist told me she has a bad reputation in the industry and zero people skills. But because she only does bridal, she doesn’t care about building a relationship requiring loyalty or customer return. She’ll always have business because the quality of her application is great and she knows what she’s doing. But zero people skills.

    I am still trying to get over it, but this was supposed to be the most beautiful day of my life. I didn’t expect her to be my BFF and hype me up or anything, but not once did she say I looked nice or congratulate me etc… I “looked” beautiful, but I didn’t “feel” beautiful. What a shame to have such an experience on one of the most important days of my life. I still get upset looking at pictures without my nath/when I see other brides rocking their’s. That was part of my vision and look I had in mind for myself.. My sister and the bridal party who flew out of town came to me and told me that they found her ridiculously rude/unfriendly, especially considering how “popular” she is.

    Ladies, do yourself a favour and book someone who will not only make you look special but also make you feel special. I will NEVER recommend Blue Rose to anyone.

  • Nigah
    March 5, 2022 at 3:57 pm

    I would never ever recommend Blue Rose to anyone!
    I hired her end of 2018 for my wedding in November of 2021! I hired her for three events and was told that for the day of my reception(the last event) she would get me ready for 3:00pm. 2 weeks before my wedding I got a call from her assistant saying she can get me ready for 11:00am since she has a flight in the afternoon to go for her honeymoon. Sohal called me and kept saying how girls get ready for 11:00am on the day of their reception. She kept pushing me to work on her timing. When I told her over the phone that I booked her over 2 years ago and you can’t just push whatever time you want on me, she used the pandemic as an excuse and said that was the only time that was going to work out for her and her husband for their honeymoon. She told me that I should just cancel and find someone else literally 2 weeks before my wedding.
    After calling and crying for hours I was lucky enough to get StudioElan to take my last minute booking( she was GREAT)
    On the first day when Sohal came to do my hair and makeup she kept complaining about how she had to spend so much money the night before cuz she had drove to Edmonton with her makeup kit and since the weather got so bad she had to fly back leave all her makeup there and had to buy new stuff just for my wedding since I was her last bride. Since she finished early than the time she had given me she sat around being a Snob! She was rude to everyone and just carried a negative energy in the whole house. She didn’t even give me enough touch up lipstick since her makeup kit was still in Edmonton.
    The next day she refused to work in my room that was upstairs and kicked out my family’s hair and makeup team from the kitchen and took over. My familys hair and make up team was so annoyed of her and told my family that she never has any happy brides and she’s rude to everyone. After kicking them out of the kitchen, she got me ready pretty fast and rushed my dad out of the shower just so she could pin my chunni and leave to pack for her honeymoon!!
    She was supposed to get me ready for 7:00am and was supposed to pin my chunni for 7:30-7:45 am, she rushed him out for 6:45am!!!
    She also made me run around in my Lengah to go look for a light that she had been using to take pictures and had forgotten it at the house the night before. I did advise her that I’m a bride sitting in this huge as Lengha and she didn’t care. She wanted me to run around looking for a $20 light that she had forgotten the day before. She wanted me to ask everyone in the house to look for a light. When no one could find it she just sat there being mad and annoyed at me and was rude to my photographers while they were taking pictures. She honestly brings such a negative vibe to the whole place and as a bride no one needs that kind of negativity on the day of their wedding.
    She doesn’t help you put your jewelry on or clothes. Even on the second day she barley gave me any touch up lipstick. She’s a snob and she ruined my moments of feeling like a bride.
    Everyone in the house could feel her negative attitude and how snobby she is.
    I would highly recommend to get another makeup artist if you have booked her. No one deserves to feel crappy the day of their wedding.
    P.S she never posted any of my pictures on her Instagram and when I asked by Dming I got told it was cuz the pictures didn’t turn out well cuz she lost her light 😳.

  • Jaspreet
    July 16, 2022 at 8:35 am

    I had Sohal booked for my wedding in 2020 but after Covid restrictions canceled my wedding 2 times she finally got me ready in 2021. She got me ready for my Jago, wedding day and reception and she blew me away every single day.

    The booking process was super easy with her admin and her team is very prompt with replying even during the chaos of the pandemic. She was also one of the only vendors that offered a FULL refund in case our dates didn’t work when we changed but I really wanted her so I accommodated with her schedule. Leading up to the wedding she called me for a consult and I felt super comfortable with her! She was super professional and gave me really good opinions on what to add and what would be too much. I really appreciated her being honest.

    For the Jago I went to to her at home studio, again everything was super professional and she’s soooo on time. I was running late and so stressed but she got me ready in 1.5 hours fully ready. If your gonna book her based on anything it should be the fact that you don’t have to sit in her chair for 4 hours!

    Wedding morning I got to start at 5am and I was ready for 6:30am. Her and her assistant arrived right on time and quickly set up. I think I was something like her 14th morning bride in a row which is so crazy! She has music on and was super nice and friendly. In her contract it says she will stay till 7:30 however we were running late so she stayed till 8 even though she had clients after which was greatly appreciated. She helped the photographers pose me and advocated for me when they wanted me to do something I wasn’t comfortable doing. She even kept my 30 family members controlled while I was doing my solo pictures.

    My reception was just as amazing as my other 2 events and I think my favourite look! I was super indecisive and didn’t know if I wanted to have my hair up or down. She helped me finalize my look and I looked soooo good!

    Every single one of my friends have booked her and every single one of my cousins. She never disappoints! Her application is soooo good and she is the sweetest person to work with. I am so glad I was able to rebook her even through the chaos of Covid. I would recommend her to everyone, she is definitely the best in the game.

  • Jas
    August 27, 2022 at 9:10 am

    I can’t believe I’m writing this to someone who I used to look up to. Had the worst experience with Sohal and it sucks that as the bride when you already have to go through so much stress someone adds more to it. I booked Sohal over 2 years ago and choose my wedding date according to her schedule because it was my dream to get my hair and makeup done by her. She was so rude and snobby and only wanted to do the looks that she wanted to do on me. When she did my first look I was so sad I went home crying because it was nothing that I had wanted nor did she ask me if I liked it. She didn’t even talk or get to know me, all she said was that she’s so tired. When you are the bride getting ready early morning you are already so tired and nervous and instead of making the bride feel less stressed, she was so rude and didn’t even say a word. I was so heartbroken by her, I idolized her. I guess she only likes working with people who have more money.

  • Jyoti G
    December 22, 2022 at 11:48 am

    I booked sohal for my wedding and she did an amazing job on me. During the process she made me feel really comfortable and did exactly what I was going for! She listened to all my concerns and made sure that I felt beautiful. I would highly recommend her to my future brides as her work looks the same in person and online.

  • N C
    December 22, 2022 at 12:09 pm

    If there was 1 vendor throughout my entire wedding planning process I was not concerned about it was Sohal. I had been admiring her work on instagram for years so I knew exactly who and what I wanted. I book around her availability and found a date.

    I never bothered with a trial because she did a few of my pre wedding events and I was so happy with everything. When it came to the wedding week; I had her every day and each day she asked me what type of look I wanted. Aside from a couple notes I basically had her do what she thought would look best. And it was the best decision, she truly knows her craft and you can see that when she is explaining what colours would compliment my eyes and skin as well as explaining what type of eye looks would look good on my eye shape.

    On my reception I gave her 0 notes and let her do exactly what she wanted. When I saw myself in the mirror I could not have been more pleasantly surprised. My makeup was so different than I expected but probably the most beautiful I have ever looked in my life.

    Another great factor with this particular makeup artist is that you will not be in her chair for 4 hours or more. Each days took me about 2.5 hours, including my wedding day. She is fast at what she does because of her experience, nothing felt rushed. She was calm and collected my entire appointment everyday and I cannot recommend her enough to everyone I know. My 2 best friends getting married in the next couple years have already booked with sohal after seeing how my makeup held up each day!

  • Manny
    December 22, 2022 at 12:42 pm

    I booked blue rose for my pre- wedding events along with my ceremony. She was incredible, was very attentive to how I wanted my looks to be while providing her feedback/opinion in a very kind and professional manner. My hair and makeup was flawless and remained intact throughout all of my events. She made the process very easy, and alleviated a lot of stress for me when it came to my looks. Would absolutely book again if I had the chance, and always recommend her to friends and family.

  • Gagan Bhullar
    December 22, 2022 at 12:57 pm

    Where do I begin?! This was two years in the making! Sohal was the first vendor I booked back in 2020! The entire booking process was simple and smooth. I booked Sohal for all of my events – sangeet, mehndi, wedding and reception.

    As we got into 2022, we discussed my looks and overall vision. We went over each of my outfits and the corresponding jewelry to determine what the best look would be. Every look she created was absolutely flawless. Perfection. I had no trial, Sohal’s work was more than enough for me. Without a doubt, I had 100% confidence in her abilities and she not only delivered but surpassed my expectations. I received endless compliments each day!

    Sohal made each of my glam sessions SO FUN! Wedding playlists and nonstop conversation between us – the absolute best time. She was literally my hype woman all week.

    After spending four of the best days of my life with Sohal, I missed her so much the next day! She’s truly a doll and I can easily say booking Sohal was one of the best decisions of my entire wedding!

    To all future brides, the best advice I can give you in terms of planning your wedding is to book Sohal! Pictures will last forever and Sohal will make sure you look and feel your absolute best! 🙂

  • Supreet Hundal
    December 27, 2022 at 5:59 pm

    Sohal is amazing. I would reccomend her in a heartbeat!

    Firstly, Sohal is amazingly responsive to her brides. I remember being stuck on one of my outfit choices and reaching out to Sohal on Instagram for her advice. Not only did she reply back instantly but offered to help any time I had questions. She mentioned how much she loved doing this. Wedding planning is SO stressful and if you’re indecisive like me, I can’t tell you how much this meant to me. I messaged Sohal every time I had questions and even when I thought I might be annoying, Sohal was so kind and reassuring that she loved building a relationship with her brides. This kind of help is so unheard of and going into my wedding week, I felt so excited for Sohal to get me ready since we had been talking about my wedding and she had been helping me for months. She was already a friend to me because of this experience. Sohal is so easy to talk to and friendly.

    Now for my looks, Sohal killed it!!! Part of why I loved Sohal’s opinions leading up to my wedding week and during it is that Sohal keeps up with trends but is also super understanding about different facial features/insecurities I had and why I might not want to do something that would otherwise look good. She is constantly learning new things as a makeup artist and I knew she could make any look come to life. This made me feel so confident in her. She took notes on what I liked and didn’t and made sure my looks reflected what I wanted. I can’t tell you how happy I was with each and every single look she did. Sohal is so so talented at what she does and I’m just so grateful she was such a big part of my wedding!

  • Jas
    May 29, 2023 at 5:19 pm

    I wasn’t happy with there work

  • Priya
    July 31, 2023 at 3:54 pm

    Sohal did my wedding and reception makeup and it turned out amazing. I only gave her one Inspo pic and she was able to do my makeup better than I imagined. Her makeup was amazing but the experience was even better. Sohal made the whole process relaxed and fun. After my makeup was done, and I was taking professional photos, she gave me so many great tips. I am not someone who is very comfortable in front of the camera so I really appreciated the tips. On the reception day I was doing an outfit change on my own and Sohal talked me through how to put jewelry on and gave me extra pins and supplies for everything.

  • Jenny
    January 27, 2024 at 2:23 am

    After reading all these reviews and seeing many others who have had a bad experience with Sohal, I will definitely not be booking her for my wedding and will advise anyone else not to as well. She seems very snobby and as mentioned in many reviews, she brings a bad energy and no one wants that on the morning of their wedding!! There are so many better makeup artists who are positive and don’t act like they don’t want to be there. Girls, I would definitely advise you to book someone else especially since makeup artists are expensive! I would not recommend her at all.

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