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  • Rishu
    September 11, 2021 at 3:59 pm

    We had gone with them because they had a relationship with my late father. However, we were highly disappointed.

    We went twice to try and determine pricing and the food for all of our events. We were told he is very busy and doesn’t have time but I mentioned many times I am Celiac and do need to confirm what is Gluten-free or not and was told not to worry.

    We were also told “do not worry about the price, I will be fair” each time we tried to confirm the price. We were then quoted a per plate price that was also not confirmed or written down. We had verbally gone through the menu and also tried to come in and go over it. Once again brushed off being busy.

    The day of the first event they had used boxed tikkis, which I checked and saw had gluten. When I had asked what is it that is gluten-free I was they mixed flour in everything so was unable to eat at my shower.

    At the other events we were picking up some of the appetizers and my friend that did the pick up was forced to pay for the food. Once again, nothing gluten free for the bride. I tried to call and confirm what I was told to eat and then was threatened they would no longer provide catering for our events because “dealing with us was too much” and they don’t want to “deal with this gluten-free stuff” We did receive an apology but this left a bad taste in our mouth. We only had the wedding left, the guests enjoyed the food so we decided to continue.

    The day of the wedding, we arrived and were told our caterers had not brought breakfast. We were told “you did not confirm it” once again adding more stress onto the wedding week. We scrambled to call and try to arrange for the food and it was beyond stressful and embarrassing to the very least.

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