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  • GP
    August 13, 2023 at 12:06 pm

    Hello everyone just want to share my experience with Ash Couture in surrey.Best costumer service,best advise we got from Ash Couture. prab helped to choose my husband’s suits.i want to share one thing want to share with everyone,my husband ordered two pairs of punjabi jutti one fits perfectly and other one little tight,which is may be different design or material but before us said something, they give him other jutti from their sherwani sets, which is 100% expensive from my husband’s jutti,without any question or without any extra charge he gave. Thats called best costumer service and we are all price best advise,most important best service and we definitely highly recommended Ash Couture.once again thank you so much parab bhaji and simran 🙏

  • Sonia
    October 29, 2023 at 12:41 pm

    I want to share the horrible experience my
    family had shopping at Ash Couture, located in Payal Business Centre, for my sister’s wedding.

    Prab, the owner of the shop, didn’t deliver at all on 2 of the outfits we ordered (my moms ladies sangeet outfit and my reception outfit). We only found out these outfits weren’t arriving the week of the wedding, leaving us almost no time to find alternative solutions. Instead of enjoying the wedding week we were scrambling to find new outfits.

    Plus my sister’s MIL ordered a chunni from him that didn’t arrive either.

    My dad ordered a suit from Prab for the wedding day, which arrived about a week before the wedding in the wrong colour (came in black, we
    ordered it in a light tan colour) and it was at least 3 sizes too small. Instead of admitting he made a mistake when ordering the suit Prab tried to blame the suit not fitting on my dad, asking “did you gain weight since I took your measurements?”, which was ridiculous considering even the arm length of the suit was short, how does ones arm length grow in size?

    The worst part of our experience with him was that he didn’t deliver my sisters wedding lehenga until the day before the wedding. He kept telling us lies saying the lehenga had been mailed and was on the way. When we pressed for a tracking number he couldn’t provide it. When he finally confessed and said the lehenga wasn’t made yet, he said he lied becuase he didn’t want to stress us out. When the wedding day lehenga finally did arrive, (ONE DAY before the wedding!), a major part of the lehenga was missing, a large veil my sister had ordered with the lehenga. Again instead of admitting it was his mistake in not ordering it, he said to my sister “are you sure you placed an order for this” to which my sister replied “yes you charged me extra to take measurements for the veil”. My sister had no time to do any alterations to the lehenga. Prab never once apologized for the additional stress that he caused my family, or the lies he told. My sister had to spend the week of her wedding looking for a different wedding lehenga that she could wear and quickly get altered in case the one she ordered from Prab didn’t arrive. She ordered this lehenga months in advance and Prab had stated it would
    arrive well over a month before the wedding.

    Prab repeatedly presented himself as the victim throughout all of this saying he was overworked and had other clients to deal with. He wouldn’t pick up phone calls or respond to text messages. We had to go into his shop to talk to him every time we wanted updates on our orders. Prab grossly overpromises and under delivers, then blames it all on you when he can’t fulfill the orders.

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