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PlanEvents.Ca’s Top 3 Indian Wedding Videographers In B.C. for 2019's Top 3 Hair and Makeup Artists of 2019

Welcome to the third installment of our Top B.C. Indian Wedding Vendor Blog Series of 2019! 

So far, we have announced the top makeup artists and photographers of the year.

For the 3rd series, we are covering the top videographers of 2019.  2019 has been an exciting year with both film veterans and newcomers finding innovative ways to deliver on the dreams of brides and grooms.

There’s no end to skilled videographers who create these beautiful films, so how do you choose your video team? There’s more than what meets the eye. Communication is important. You need someone who can respond to you promptly, especially when videographers are busy. Location… the typical locations are easy however, if you’re looking for unique locations, you need a videographer who has experience traveling all over the province. Check out our Top 3 who excel in all of these criterion. 

Also, we didn’t introduce each of the winners. Instead, we’ve included their videos so that you can see the beauty of their work on your own! 

Don’t forget to peep our contender, after seeing the #1 spot!


Finally, check out our contender for making the top Indian wedding photographer in British Columbia. Farawayland Wedding is praised as a top film producer for South Asian weddings for Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Zoroastrian weddings, and more, in British Columbia! Check out these recent Zoroastrian wedding they did!

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