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How Do Indian Wedding Vendors Get Leads?

You’re excellent at your craft. Whether that be putting together a hobo-themed Indian wedding design, or tying an amazing turban for your groom. However, when it comes to managing your business , there are is a ton of additional work that many vendors have to solve for. For context, we recently surveyed 29 Indian wedding vendors in British Columbia. Of those 29 vendors, 26 of them said that they manage their business on their own. What that means for vendors is that in addition to providing their specialty services, they also have to deal with finding business leads, putting together contracts, booking clients, and much more. In this post, we will focus on business leads.

Business Leads

At a high-level, there are 4 main ways vendors tend to get leads. We’ve listed them out below.

1. Social Media

After surveying a sample of people planning their weddings, we learned that 42 percent of them find their vendors through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. As a result, vendors are likely to be getting leads through their DMs.

2. Word of Mouth

Given that the Indian and broader South Asian communities tend to share their consumer experiences with friends and family, it is no surprise that we found that 29 percent of couples learn about vendors through referrals. Therefore, this group of couples find out about vendors in the real world. Furthermore, these leads may come to vendors in the form of introductions from previous clients.  

3. Google

The third most common way in which couples are finding their vendors is through Google. In other words, this group of couples search for specific types of vendors in their area (e.g. Indian wedding decorator in Surrey, B.C.), and then reaches out to vendors who show up at the top of Google Search results. Depending on how strong of a web presence you have, this may or may not be a major source of leads for your business.

For context, we surveyed 26 Indian wedding vendors in B.C. to see if any of them had websites. Half of them admitted to having no website for their business, so there may be an opportunity for you to capture leads through Google, if you do not have a web presence.

4. Leads Program

The final source of leads is through the Leads Program. 

Our leads are considered hot leads because these are couples who have explicitly come to our site and requested vendor quotes, through our vendor quote request page.

Vendors can then purchase each of these leads by tapping here.

Below is a list of currently available leads, listed by location and service-type. No lead will ever be sold more than three times.


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