5 Popular Indian Wedding Jewelry Styles

A wedding being a pompous event, is celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. In Asian regions, marriage holds particular and traditional variations. The bride is ornamented and embellished with heavy dresses, heavy styling, makeup and jewellery. From that presentation, she looks like a bride. Other than the European culture, where the brides are dressed in a white gown with zero makeup look, the Asian brides represent the glamour and style icons. There are various styles and designs which every bride goes through before choosing a specific one for her big day. Girls design different things like gold wedding bands, dresses, shoes, jewellery etc. Let us look at some of the popular wedding jewellery styles.

Wedding Jewelry Styles

The jewelery a girl wears on her big day is not just a mere embellishment piece, but it has an emotional and cultural attachment. That physical appearance with all the embellishment holds an exceptional place in the bride’s heart. The bride’s image is left in the mind of people forever, so this decision should be taken seriously. Decide your look, brides!

Antique Jewelry

Everyone rushes for new trends and ideas based on the changes in the fashion industry. But one thing that goes with every design, clothing, embellishment and styling is the aesthetic and antique jewellery. The vintage never gets old, as we already know, because of the uniqueness that is not found in the other ornamented jewelery. These antique pieces are designed with pearls, stones and other traditional elements to give them an enchanting look. Because of its better quality and excellent value, it is irresistible. Its style statement speaks for itself. The bride would love and be loved while paired with these antique pieces. Such a vintage look, you will rock the day!

Antique Indian Jewelry

Floral Jewelry

The bride wears floral jewelry to emphasize her inherent beauty and embrace her feminine side. Matching or contrasting colored flowers are used as jewelry pieces for day functions and rituals such as Haldi, Mehendi, and Sangeet, such as teeka, kama bandh, mala, bangles, and more. It provides a unique aesthetic sense to the bridal dress, helping her stand out from the crowd. It looks fresh, colorful, and smells great. It has always been the best option for the bride to choose on her big day. 

Indian Floral Jewelry

Traditional Statement Jewelry

Traditions always do come first and foremost. Traditions are something that people do put forth always. So why refrain from classic chokers, earrings and bangles sets. Forehead jewelry, nose ring, bangles, earrings, anklets and arm jewelry are the vital parts of the traditional statement jewelry. The practice of Indian women adorning themselves with jewelry is usual, but it also has a lot of meaning tied to every piece of jewelry they wear.

Traditional Indian Jewelry

Simplicity with the Kangans

While you, my dear bride, are ambiguous about what to choose and what to leave. Here is an idea. You can skip the bangles with the Kangan style as it would add The gorgeous look ornamented to your style by complementing both the dress and the appearance. The traditional Indian Kangans would never go out of style. The design and types of the Kangans would aid with the dressing sense. If your dress is simple, go with the heavier Kangans style. The more embellished dress will go with the lighter Kangan style. 

Kangan Jewelry

Kundan Jewelry

Kundan jewelry is created through moulding as stones and glass imitations are put in a gold or silver mould. The back is also covered in multicolored lac/Meenakari. The stones used in this type of jewelry might be precious or semi-precious, and they are layered. Kundan resembles Polki jewelry in appearance, but it has a lower sheen because it is constructed mainly of glass stones. Furthermore, this reduces the cost of Kundan jewelry while maintaining the traditional characteristics. When a bride wears this jewelry on her big day, she looks elegant, charming and attractive, but many folds increase her appearance. The Kundan jewelry highlights the essential factors for the embellishment of the bridal aspects. 

Kundan Jewelry

So these are some of the specimens which can be concluded while observing the highlights for the bridal jewelry and the jewelry styling. So rock on your beautiful look with the most beautiful accessories on your big day. 

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