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5 Great Invitation Card Maker Apps for Android

Numerous people continue to rely on card designers to assist them in creating and printing invitations. Following that, they devote their time and resources distributing or sending to others. This is a more traditional way of distributing invitation cards. Do you believe we should continue with this costly and time-consuming approach in such a short period of time?

That’s why invitation card maker apps play a significant role in people’s lives. One obvious benefit of using these applications is that they enable you to quickly produce and send invitations to many events on your phone.

Creating invitation cards on mobile? – Reasons & Benefits

  • The first reason to rely on the invitation card creator app is that it can create stunning designs in a matter of seconds. Whether you require greeting cards, wedding invitations cards, party invitations, or anything else, applications are here to assist you!
  • There is no requirement to pay or do any effort. It makes no difference if you lack design expertise. 
  • An app will provide you with the best editing tools and features that will enhance the quality and appeal of your invitations.
  • Each of these applications includes a collection of hundreds to thousands of design templates. In some apps, you may create your card by just selecting a template and customizing the exam.
  • This invitation maker app provides many templates which includes tools for adding stickers, effects, animations, transitions, text styling and coloring etc. 
  • The most compelling motivation to utilize applications is to save time. These applications are quick, simple to use, smooth, and user-friendly. And it is the most appropriate alternative for quickly generating a large number of cool and professional invitations.

Creating Best Digital Invitation Maker Apps? – E-cards & E-invites

These apps allow you to completely change the appearance to your desire. You can simply start with an empty background and embellish it with text, color, stickers, and images. You can browse the list and choose the app that best meets your needs

Invitation Card Maker & Ecards

Install the Invitation Card Maker & Ecards, Wedding Card Maker app on your phone. The app is specifically an invitation card maker for Android.  You’ll be able to send thank you cards to all the people who attended your wedding, amongst many other types of celebrations. Create invitation tickets for anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. However, if you’re interested in a wedding, open the application and type the word Wedding into the search field. Additionally, you can locate the appropriate category in the list by selecting the Browse option. Main features in this app are:

  • About 100+ Templates
  • Easy to customize 
  • Free of cost
  • Modern designs for wedding cards, birthday cards and many other categories.
  • Tools to add effects, font styles, stickers and much more

Scroll down to the line for the Wedding Ceremony. After choosing a template, you’ll be invited to edit the thumbnail. Begin by typing the mandatory inscriptions. For example, the welcome, the primary text, the location, and the sort of invitation. There are numerous backgrounds available in a variety of color tones and designs. After picking one of them, a thumbnail preview of the postcard will appear.

Invitation card maker free & Greeting cards design

Create professional greeting and business cards with the help of this app. Following installation, you will be prompted to register for free. You can register using your e-mail address or a social media account. Then you’ll have instant access to all the numerous choices and settings. By scrolling through the parts, you can locate the “Invitation.” Choose the finest one and begin the editing process. You can modify the style and font size with the built-in tools. Stickers and photographs can be added, and individual blocks can be moved. This app offers following features

  • About 50+ templates
  • Medium customizable
  • Free of cost
  • Modern designs for greeting and business cards
  • Tools includes editing of text and colors. 

The main flaw in this app is it hasn’t been updated from long ago and has some old templates. That’s why some people want modern designs with updated versions and features. 

Invitation Card Maker: Ecards & Digital Card

This app includes a slew of tools that enable you to create gorgeous invitation cards for free. It begins with a large range of customizable templates from which users can choose. Apart from templates, users can begin with a blank background and then add other design components and content. Following are some main features of this app

  • About 70+ Templates
  • The user interface is a little complex
  • Some features cost money
  • Tools includes shapes and graphical elements

In either instance, users can completely modify the card’s design by adding shapes, effects, and stickers. Finally, they can share the card online or save it as an image file.

Birthday Invitation Maker: Invitation Card Maker

Here, you’ll find a variety of pre-designed formats with customizable information for birthday cards. Apart from adjusting the foundation, you get a few more highlights, for example, Duplicate, Layers, and Opacity. When you create an endeavor, it is saved under My Projects, where you can modify it at any time. Following are main features of this app

  • More than 50 templates only for birthday
  • Easily customizable
  • Some paid features
  • Tools include Layers, gradient, editing, trim, text replacing etc.

The main theme of this app is based on birthdays. So, you can’t get various categories in this app. You can easily customize the invitations for birthday parties. 

Evite: Free Virtual Invitations & SMS Invites

Evite is a visual design app that offers a number of wedding invitation themes. It’s intuitive and one of the greatest apps for non-professionals or first-timers to use when searching for an e-invite. However, you must first make an account (which is completely free!). Evite has it all, from fun and gorgeous bachelorette invitations to unique save the dates. Additionally, the software is simple to use, which means you can create an e-invite in a matter of minutes. Following features

  • More than 50 templates
  • The user interface is a little comple
  • Paid + Free
  • Tools includes editing of templates with own text

The main flaw in this app is, it is actually a brand and created app for its user. People often hesitate to make accounts on apps and this app requires account creation so that they can promote the app through email marketing. However, one can select this app if he/she is comfortable. 


Making an invitation card using these apps is popular nowadays. They include a variety of invitation templates for various invitation formats. All users have to do is choose a template. Following that, these displays a text box for entering the card’s text. Once completed, it displays the card’s text along with the option to save the card as an image. The best invitation maker app that can be suggested is Invitation card maker and ecards for free which has a variety of categories to create custom cards and invitations for wedding, birthdays, anniversary, parties etc. 

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