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5 Online Indian Wedding Dress Stores with Good Reviews

Before I share the list of online vendors, I do want to share some pros and cons with buying online versus buying in person.

When it comes to buying in person, the main disadvantage I experienced was that outfits generally cost a lot more money. For example, my wedding sherwani (shoes and turban were purchased separately) was about $700 USD. Getting something similar at a physical store would cost me at least $1500. However, in exchange for a higher price rag at the store, you have the benefit of trying outfits on and being able to speak with the vendors face-to-face.

When it came to buying our outfits online, yes, we were happy with the pricing. However, we had to spend a lot of effort taking and gathering measurements (I suck at taking measurements), and we had to make sure we left enough time to do alterations before the wedding.

Personally, my outfit was a little too tight, so I had to get it loosened. My alterations cost less than $50, and took about a week to complete. So there was some extra time and work involved with getting adjustments done, after receiving my outfit. If you’re considering buying your outfits (or outfits for your family+friends), these types of inconveniences are something to keep in mind. Personally, I felt the inconveniences were worth the cost savings.

Anyways, I’ll stop talking. Below is a list of online vendors, along with some reviews about them.

Hair & Makeup - Gurpreet from Pink Orchid Studio, Jewelry: DesiJewelz and Dawn Creations
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