Indian Wedding Wear: Everything You Didn’t Already Know About Them

Out of all the occasions celebrated on the Earth, a wedding is the most colorful and energetic function. Mainly, Indian weddings are known to be the finest ones due to their spark and fun factor. Indian brides and grooms generally wear unique attire; they wear a variety of colorful clothes and gold essential accessories throughout the wedding. These dresses can be exorbitant in cost, but elegant. Different types of dishes are being served, as per the nature of their function. There are candescent decorations that intensify the whole celebration. The close relatives of the bride and groom set the specific theme of clothing. Months before, siblings and cousins start thinking about the dresses they would wear in the ceremony. Apart from that, there are dance practices for months to create an environment of fun and entertainment on wedding days. Overall, it isn’t unusual to plan minute details of a wedding, a year in advance.

India is home to a diverse set of cultures, traditions, and fashion. As a result, each community in India often has their own types of wedding attire. For context, the entire population of India is not Hindus, and they belong to different religious groups and sets. Their wedding celebrations are under their traditional and cultural values, religious beliefs, and their area. The selection of wedding wear, number of functions, types of food, and the way of decoration and celebration crucially depends on these factors.

One common type of outfit is the sari. Saris are one of the most stylish and graceful wedding wear of women throughout India. It is a traditional classical outfit. Women of earlier times used to wear them casually as well as at particular ceremonies. It is still trendy to wear saris at the wedding as they look as they give an elegant look. There are various types of the outfit; each has its beauty and is modeled following the event. Outstanding quality of silk is used in silk saris, which have details on borders with specific gold thread, called Zardosi or zari. There are some other variations of saris worn by south Indian women. Apart from these silk saris, Chickkari and Patola saris are the most liked and lush wedding wear saris. Specific areas of India are famous for particular wedding wear saris like Lucknow is known to be a center of Chickankari saris and Gujarat for Patola one. Another two appealing types of saris include Bandhani and Banarsi.

Another most beautiful outfit the bride is considered to wear at her wedding and the most popular outfits is the Lehenga choli. Choli is a blouse, and its length may vary according to a person’s taste. Both lehenga and choli are available in variant designs and fabrics. Some have a pretty heavy look as they are embroidered with different threads; one of the best and the most favorite is zari dhaga/thread as it gives an elegant look. Beads and crystals are also used in embroidery, and they provide a very fancy and heavy look. Lehenga choli is accompanied by beautiful and detailed dupattas draped in different ways, either on the head or over the choli. Women opt for this wedding wear due to the breath-taking look it gives. In contrast to saris, lehenga choli is the most worn outfit of North Indian people.

If a bride prefers comfort and still wants to look fashionable, Shalwar Kameez, along with dupatta, is an ideal choice. This outfit can give a traditional look to the bride. The Shalwar Kameez might be more common for those from Punjab.vThis outfit is combined with glorious accessories like gajjras/flower jewelry and bangles. There are various kinds of shalwar. One of the best and the most liked is tulip shalwar. Another one is dholak shalwar. North Indian brides love this outfit as it looks lavish and gives sheer comfort to the bride.

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