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PlanEvents.Ca’s Top 3 Henna Artists In B.C. for 2019's Top 3 Henna Artists of 2019

Welcome to the fourth and final installment of our Top B.C. Indian Wedding Vendor Blog Series of 2019! 

So far, we have announced the top makeup artists , photographers , and videographers , of 2019.

For the final series, we are covering the top henna artists of 2019. 

Through listening to brides, we’ve learned that the following things matter the most, when it comes to picking a henna or mehndi artist.

  • Flexibility
  • Professionalism
  • Talent
  • Darkness of the henna

Check out our Top 3 who excel in all of these areas. 


Based in Surrey, B.C., Fatma’s Mehndi Art & Salon, customers describe Fatma’s salon as a place where they always feel welcome and at home. Many of them have been going to the salon for years. Brides describe the salon as being able to create designs that are precise, dark, and impressive.



Based in Surrey, B.C., Jasmine’s Henna offers highly creative and customized henna. Whether you’re looking to have hashtags integrated into a design, or pictures of the bride and groom intertwined into the design, Jasmine offers it all.  Brides even say that the henna is done so well, that the darkness can last throughout an entire wedding week.

In fact, her work has gotten so popular, that she is Jasmine’s Henna is launching Jasmine’s Henna Studio in 2020, to teach other aspiring henna artists.

Based out of Vancouver, B.C., Henna by Arneet hits a lot of the bridal demand for henna that is artistic, and also stays dark for a long time. One customer even mentioned that her henna’s darkness stuck around for 2 weeks!

A couple of unique aspects about Arneet’s services are that customers mention that she is transparent around costs based on design complexity and number of guests receiving the service. To add to that, customers also say that her prices are affordable and competitive. These are all wins in our book, and hopefully in the books of many brides.

Alright! That is a wrap for 2019. More exciting things to come in 2020!

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