Indian Bride Emoji…Well kind of

I’ll get straight to the point.

Ever since the launched in May 2019, the team has put in a lot of work into building out our social media following.

Every one of our posts has to do with wedding planning, and for the most part, we focus on helping Indian brides. After many months, and dozens of Instagram posts, we noticed a pattern. Every time we typed in the word “Indian bride”, we only got one emoji suggestion, like the one in the screenshot on the right.

So we decided to take matters into our own hands, by doing our best to come up with something like that is similar to an Indian bride emoji.

We created a Gif instead, of an Indian bride. We have multiple versions. The Gif on the right shows an example of what we have. It isn’t exactly an emoji (that is something Apple controls for iPhones). But it is pretty close.

You can get a hold of the gif by filling out the form at the bottom, to download your own Indian bride Gif, to post on social media.

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