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11 Thoughtful Bridal Shower Gifts

So your friend or family member is getting married, and their bridal shower party is coming up. 

If you’re reading this, you may not be sure about what kind of gift to get. In fact, you may have already asked your friends and Google for advice. Don’t worry, because in this post, we will go over some gift ideas for you to consider. 
Keep swiping to get some gift inspo. We are going to start with the easiest suggestions first, and then move onto more unique gifts.

1. A Registry Gift

If the bride has a registry, it is safe to assume that the gifts in their registry are gifts they want. Therefore, this might be the safest option. If gifts on a registry are expensive, you can see if any of the bride’s friends are open to splitting the cost of a pricy registry gift.

2. Cash or Gift Cards

If the bride does not have a registry, and you’re not sure what to get them, cash or gift cards might be a safe choice. As boring as a cash gift may sound, it is practical. Many newlyweds have costs coming up, whether it be going on a honeymoon, or buying a house. In any scenario, cash or giftcards can help fund the bride’s future! 

Miss to Mrs offers bridal boxes that include things ranging from bridal shirts to wine tumblers,. The service offers the option to buy a one-time gift, or a subscription plan.

With the subscription plan, the bride will receive a bridal gift box every couple months, at a low cost. After the bride gets married, the subscription will end, so you don’t have to worry about canceling. See the picture to the right, for an example.

As suggested by the name, Oh Shit Kits are pouches full of things a bride may need, when shit hits the fan. For example, a kit may include things like tylenol for that hangover, face wipes for a long wedding day, a phone charger, and more.
See the picture to the right, to see an example of an Oh Sh!t Kit.

5. Ring Accessories

Now that your bride put a ring on it, she is going to need to take care of it. Our suggestion is to get her ring cleaner and an Indian-inspired ring box like this
Miss to Mrs Gift Box
Oh Sh!t Kit - Medium Size

6. Water bottle

Wedding week can be exhausted, and staying hydrated is key. To address that, we recommend getting your girlfriend a cute water bottle and this Drink Paani sticker from RanKam Creations to remind her to drink water.
See picture on the right for am example of RanKam Creation’s Drink Paani sticker.

7. Shadowbox

Shadboxes are a beautiful way to preserve wedding mementos. Whether it is for the bride’s wedding choora, or the groom’s kalgi, a beautiful way to preserve a special event will be appreciated.
You can check out Shadowbox Creations to get an idea of what shadowboxes look like.

8. Favorite Drink

What does your bride like to drink? Does she like coffee, tea, wine, or anything else? You can get her a bottle of whatever she likes, preferably something nice and premium

RanKam Creations: Drink Paani Sticker

9. Make a Scrapbook

 If you are into arts and crafts, you may be able to make a gift for your friend. One suggestion is to create a scrapbook that contains mementos of pictures of her and her future husband. If you’re unable to get a hold of pictures and mementos, ask one of her family members to help! 

10. A Prepackaged Picnic Basket

Grab your friend a prepackaged picnic basket. Our suggestion is to find a vendor who is local to you or the bride, so that they can get a great personalized experience.
You can see an example of what these baskets look like, by visiting A Picnic Affair, a vendor from Edmonton, Alberta.

11. Wedding Hashtags

If your friend plans on publicizing her wedding on social media, save her the headache of coming up with hashtags instead of spending hours trying to come up with something clever. Indian wedding hashtags are unique,  so we recommend buying them instead.
A Picnic Affair

That’s all! If you have other gift ideas, let us know in the comments!

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