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How to Get More Reviews

In this post, I’m going to share a simple process you can try out, to get reviews! This is a process that Simran’s Mehndi has used to get 18 reviews in her first 2-3 weeks on

Specifically, we will go over a couple examples of how the use of simple messages and links can help increase your reviews.

As more couples use the internet to research wedding vendors, it is super important for wedding businesses to prioritize getting reviews (preferably good ones!). We understand that asking brides for reviews can feel like an uphill battle. 

After a long wedding week, you send a message requesting a review. If you’re lucky, the customer says they will leave a review. If you’re luckier, the customer actually follows through and leaves a review.

We are here to share a simple process/system that has proven to work really well for Simran’s Mehndi. At a high-level, Simran’s system consists of:

1. Following up with customers requesting a review, and

2. Linking to her reviews page on her Linktree (Linktree is free!) and 2.

Following up with Customers

In terms of Simran’s follow up, she follows the process outlined below:

  • Follow up about one week after the wedding week.
    • By waiting about a week after the wedding, Simran gives customers enough time to rest and recuperate after a busy week. More importantly, she’s reaching out to customers at a point where they are most likely to respond.
  • When following up, send a message that is:
    • Short
      • For reference, Simran’s follow up message is about 70 words, which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to type out.
    • Personalized
      • This means greeting them by their name, making references to their event.
    • Actionable
      • There should be a very clear request/ask in the message. For Simran, she’s explicitly asking for a review, and is providing a link to her reviews page.

Below is an example of what the message looks like.

Hi [Insert Customer Name here]! This is Simran from Simran's mehndi. Just wanted to reach out regarding the [insert date and type of booking it was] booking. I hope the wedding week went well! I was wondering if you could take a minute or two out of your busy day to leave me a review at:! It would mean a lot to me if you could! Thank you in advance

Feel free to copy and paste the message above, and re-use it for your own needs.

A final recommendation about the message is to create it as a template, so that you can re-use it many times for many customers.

Linking to the Reviews Page

As shown in the screenshot to the right, Simran places the linked button towards the top of her page, which makes the button easy to find. Making links/buttons easy to find is critical for getting reviews, as customers don’t want to waste their time looking for the right place to click or tap. 

Hope this is helpful, and thank you Simran for sharing your success story! 

If you don’t own a profile on yet, feel free to reach out to us and we can chat. 

Simran's Mehndi Linktree
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