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How I Got Into Weddings

I am sure this question surfaces A LOT – it is pretty simple, actually. I would say the obsession started around the age of 18 when I discovered wedding highlights videos on YouTube.

Growing up I would dream about my wedding day, and I got such happiness out of watching these videos that it became an obsession. Some nights, I would stay up until 4 am watching them. It was interesting to see the different types of locations, outfits, music just overall filming methods from different videographers. Music would play a major part in how long I would watch a video for.

Long story short, when I met my husband (wasn’t my mans at the time), the obsession grew even larger. I started dreaming about my own wedding & telling him the type of vendors I would want & not want. Fast forward to 2017, I knew I wanted something to do with weddings for my future & here we are.

It wasn’t untill 2019 that we really took PlanEvents to the next level, and boy oh boy, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. We are a team of three, and we come together as one when it comes down to brainstorming ideas and methods to bring to the table for our audience. Bare with us as everything is a learning experience & we would love to bring all of you guys on this journey with us. LET’S PLAN EVENTS Y’ALL 🙂

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