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Fresh Skin, Brows, and Lips: Product Essentials for Your Big Day

Our last few posts have revolved around mental and physical health (Shoutout to Arshdeep Purba and Haneen Ahmad, LICSW, for their respective posts!). 

In this post, I’ll be sharing some beauty products that I found to be crucial during my own wedding week. I hope brides find this helpful!

This is my favourite setting spray ever! Not only is it a great price but it works like magic. I haven’t tried very many setting sprays, but the ones I have tried just don’t hydrate my face the way this one does. Not scented, leaves my face glowing and lasts all day.

WOW – can I just say how amazing this product smells?! I’ve been using this bronzer for a few years now & I haven’t even thought of changing to another. It’s definitely a product that you can build up or keep subtle.

One of my favourite mascaras ever! If you see those before & after photos you best believe them. I always feel I don’t have very many lashes but as soon as I apply, they’re full & long. An amazing product & doesn’t break your bank!

My go to colour, nice, smooth and long lasting. I’m really picky when it comes to liquid lipsticks because some of tried are sticky. This one is just simply amazing, definitely need to go pick up another one.

I have loved this product since the day I purchased it. My reasoning is that I’m not a big on super bold eyebrows, I prefer them to be lighter & more of a natural look which is why I don’t use eyebrow pencils either.

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