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7 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Wedding Planner

A wedding day might be the most awaited day of your life. You want to plan everything perfectly,  to the tiniest details. From a matching bridesmaid’s attire and jewelry gifts, to a gorgeous bouquet, a luscious cake, and a photographer to click remarkable shots to reminisce about your big day.  

While planning, a wedding can be fun as well as nerve-wracking. It’s easy to get beaten during your wedding arrangements by organizing events, and finding the right event planners who are within  your budget. It also comes right down to making sure that everything gets completed on time and that life’s big day goes as smoothly as practical, while also ensuring that your guests are pleased and enjoying themselves!

To hire your wedding planners wisely, consider the following seven things:

7. Communication

Communication is critical to planning your dream wedding and throughout the whole planning process. Building effective communication makes things easier for the host and relieves your wedding stress. While communicating, you can also share your ideas and preferences to bring unique themes.

Good wedding planners are capable of tackling every emergency, such as contractors stepping down at the last minute and venues wanting to close early.. If the planners are not responsive, you should save yourself the headache.

Here are few things to pay attention to:

  • Do they get back to you quickly (e.g. the same day)?
  • Do they take a long time responding to their clients?
  • Do they deal with all your issues?

6. Services

Terms of service are another significant factor to consider before hiring a wedding planner. Don’t lose sight of the fact what kind of services they offer and how practical they are. A full-service wedding planner stays dedicated to ensuring all the details that make your day extraordinary are impeccably executed. 

These are few considerations to look at: 

  • Do they offer 24/7 discussion and suggestions? 
  • Can you meet whenever you like?
  • How are you going to connect with them? 
  • Do they take charge of finding all of your vendors?

5. Price Packages

Every wedding event is different- some people want an intimate ceremony, and some want a bustling crowd on their special day. A good wedding planner can help you make the most of your wedding budget.

It’s up to you whether you only hire the planner for specific preparations, such as hiring them only for wedding day or if you’d like the planner to offer full-time services from the beginning will undoubtedly make a difference in the price. 

The cost- structure may be any of the subsequent:

  • A flat rate
  • An hourly price
  • A combination of flat and hourly
  • Additional charges according to needs and demands

It’s crucial to be straight with the marriage planner about finances so that every event is well-organized and both parties are satisfied. 

4. Experience

Planning a wedding can be an entire year of your life or more, and it can make or break your wedding experience. Before hiring a wedding planner, be sure to take a close look at their history of all the past weddings and other grand events they have managed. Ask them any type of question regarding the services they provide. Look at their reviews and/or talk to their past customers. Overall,  take your time by considering all the experiences of the wedding planner’s Projects. 

3. Portfolio

Make sure to take a look at the projects that the planner has completed in the past. Reviewing their past work will help you determine if they have the ability to make your vision a reality. You can also check if the planner has arranged a wedding event at your venue before. If you have come up with a theme in mind, see their portfolio to determine if they’ve previously organized something related.

Questions to bear in mind are:

  • Do they arrange extravagant and grand, or are they more simple and intimate? 
  • Do they specialize in a particular theme (e.g. Indian weddings)? 
  • If you’d like to make your wedding theme colorful and vibrant, check if the planner has organized the related event themes previously, and if yes – to what extent?
  • What type of weddings do they mostly plan?

2. Personality

It is common to observe that people often get wild and stressed regarding wedding preparations. 

At that time, you need to find a planner who effectively gets along with you, listens, and understands you to keep everything under control. There are times when you guide your planners about the very last detail of the event just before one night of the wedding, and there are more nerve-wracking times than others where the ‘Bridezilla’ in you might come to light. It can be precisely where you’ll need the wedding organizer to stay tranquil and keep you on track.

1. References and Reviews

Ensure that you get references of previous weddings that the wedding planner has organized. It’s essential to get reviews of past customers to know how their wedding planning and big day went. If the wedding planner feels reluctant to provide references– it’s directly referring to a red flag and sound not to go ahead with them. It also ties in with building a trust relationship with the wedding planner and giving you tranquility.

Final Thought!

“Weddings are not about spending the least amount of money or the most amount of money; they are about spending good money on the elements that are most important to you and your partner.” – Kristi Richardson / Bloomed to last-

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