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Changing The Way That Indian Brides Get Jewelry – An Interview with RKS Collections

For this blog post, I decided to jump in to publish our interview with RKS Collections because I love Indian jewelry. So Kam is stepping out for this post.Sorry Kam ;).

British Columbia’s Indian wedding scene is flourishing with so many creative vendors and artisans. One of those vendors is RKS Collections, whom PlanEvents stumbled upon on Instagram.We liked what we saw, so we decided to interview them so that our audience can learn more about how RKS creates and curates their own jewelry and apparel.

Hope you enjoy my first blog post!

What inspired you to get into selling Indian jewelry?

I always felt that a piece of jewelry can take a simple outfit from wow, to WOW! This being said, my family always had seen my passion for fashion and for the longest time my mom and my sister have both always given me the responsibility to match their jewelry to their outfits, for any events that we would attend. 

I went to India in 2018 and my aunt saw my eye for detail with indian jewelry and attire. She suggested that I should find a manufacturer and sell jewelry and design outfits as a side business because she believed I would be really successful with it. I didn’t really take her seriously until wedding season where I realized yes, I do love Indian jewelry and putting together pieces with Indian clothes.

I went back to India in 2019 and got into contact with different manufactures, visited different shops and brought some jewelry pieces back with me. My mom and my sister loved the pieces I selected and it was history from there. 

Do you create your own jewelry, or do you curate it?

I currently curate and create jewelry – I pick the colours I want but the designs are already created. I hope to get into creating my own jewelry designs and Indian attire soon. I would also love to expand my business further! The next step I am working on right now is an online store.​​​


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