Buying Indian Clothes Online

Walking out of an Indian bridal boutique can leave you wondering why the outfits seem so expensive and why there aren’t many options. In this post, I’ll share the pros and cons of buying in-person versus online. Additionally, I’ll share some recommendations for online shops, based on real user reviews. 

First, we need to highlight reasons as to why many physical stores lack variety and affordable options. Many of these shops invest a lot of money into sourcing, curating, designing, and creating unique outfits. These business processes can often translate into a limited selection of affordable clothing. On the other hand, these shops give you the ability to get in-person consultations, try outfits on, and see how the material feels.   However, these benefits aren’t always enough to persuade brides to spend large amounts of money on an outfit. As a result, ordering outfits online often becomes an interesting option for buyers.

Yes, ordering online can offer the benefit of cost savings and a larger variety of outfits. However, there are the following factors to consider:

  • Communication – If you have issues with the status or quality of your order, you don’t always have the option to speak with the business in-person. In a nightmare situation, a website can simply stop responding to your messages. Trust me, this definitely happens. 

  • Sizing – Properly taking your measurements is another challenge with buying outfits online. Most online stores provide guides for how to take measurements. However, even with good guidance, taking the correct measurements can be challenging.

  • Delivery Time– Receiving outfits don’t meet your standards can be a nightmare, especially if your outfits arrive at the last minute. 

The disadvantages with online shops mentioned above are less likely to be issues, if you deal with a local shop. Nonetheless, there are ways to proactively prevent issues with communication, sizing, and delivery time, when dealing with an online shop.

To prevent issues with Communication, avoid working with online shops that have negative reviews related to slow or no responses. For example, Kamalpreet, who is a bride-to-be, found good reviews about Lashkaraa. Throughout the process, she reported paying $100 for an outfit she felt would have cost $500-$1,000 locally, and also reported no communication issues with the shop. Below is her review about Lashkaraa. .

“I ordered a lehnga for my engagement shoot and I am so pleased with the experience. I paid about $100 for my lehnga, and felt like my outfit was a lot more valuable than that. The material was top quality, and it fit perfectly. I highly recommend Lashkara! “


To prevent issues with Sizing, brides recommend finding someone who is good at taking measurements, take your measurements. Perhaps this might be your mom, mami, or tailor. 

To deal with potential risks with Delivery Time, it is recommended to opt for express or priority shipment. Kamalpreet, who ordered from Lashkaraa, was able to get her outfit within 5 days via DHL. You’ll want to confirm delivery timelines with your vendor, before purchasing upgraded shipping.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking to save money and more selection, buying outfits online can be a good option. Just make sure to do your research, so that you end up working with a website with a good reputation.

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