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An Interview with The Brown Royals Photography

The Brown Royals Photography is a company that has recently been launched by Deep Hundal. While Deep’s background has predominantly revolved around the use of film and photo to highlight social issue and broader topics concerning the Panjabi community, his venture into Indian wedding photography is his way of disrupting Indo-Canadian wedding culture, as it relates to photography. wanted to learn more about this change by interviewing. The interview is below. Enjoy!

PlanEvents – You have a deep background in abstract and artistic photography. What made you transition into wedding photography full time?

Deep Hundal – Well, I would say that I enjoy candid and editorial style street photography. Photography is very subjective and continues to be experimental for me. I feel as if i’m learning more and more each and everyday, with each subject and environment posing a different set of circumstances to deal with.
I wanted to get into weddings because I feel as if the Panjabi wedding market is highly saturated with otherwise generic photography and it would be interesting to disrupt it with something I find more unique and interesting.


PlanEvents – When taking wedding and or engagement photographs, what do you try to bring out in the photos?

Deep Hundal – With weddings and engagements, it’s a monumental, almost epic moment for couples so they usually want photographic that are highly cinematic. So, if the couple requests, then that’s the vibe I go with, if not, something more unconventional. Emotions flow from there in the pictures.

PlanEvents – What are some popular photographic themes you’ve seen this year?

Deep Hundal – I’m not sure how you gauge popular in our community, but for the most part, as I’ve mentioned before, there’s great photography work out there, (not to bash on anyone) but it’s also just very generic. I don’t know if people (specifically in the Panjabi wedding industry) are ready to experiment beyond what becomes conventional. I’m trying not to spend too much time following Panjabi wedding photographers out of this innate fear that I’ll just end up replicating that sort of work, which, seems to be heavily popular.

PlanEvents – Which one if your favorite and why?

Deep Hundal : I don’t have a particularly favourite look.

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