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Bridal Henna Tips – An Interview with Henna by Arneet

PlanEvents recently had the opportunity to interview Henna by Arneet. In the interview below, Arneet shares some of the hottest patterns of the year, along with recommendations on how brides should care for their henna. Enjoy the interview!

PlanEvents: What is your favorite henna pattern?

Arneet: My personal favorite henna pattern is floral designs with chains and dotted lines. 

PlanEvents: What has been the most commonly requested henna pattern this year?

Arneet: Classic Mandalas for sure. 

PlanEvents: What is the most important recommendation you have for brides getting their henna done?

Arneet: The most important ones are to get henna done at least 36-48 hours prior to the event, to allow henna stain to mature and secondly to leave henna on, for at least 6-10 hours for brides

That’s all folks! See more of Arneet’s designs in her gallery!

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