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3 Affordable Wedding Venues in Vancouver, B.C for Under $1,000

According to the wedding vendor price list for British Columbia, the average venue price package is around $10,000 CAD (as of March 2023). The actual range of prices are all over the place, and depends on things like guest count, food, alcohol, and more.

More affordable venues tend to have fewer perks. Below, is a list of affordable wedding venues we found. 

Victoria Drive Community Hall has 2 halls. An upper hall, and a lower hall.

    • According to the community hall, the upper hall can be rented for $500 for 8 hours. If no alcohol is served, the capacity is for 243 people. If there is alcohol, the capacity is 193 people.
    • The lower hall can be rented for $300 for 8 hours. If no alcohol is served, the capacity is for 149 people. If there is alcohol, the capacity is 119 people.

The venue can provide long rectangular tables and chairs, for both halls. The venue does not appear to offer tablecloths, or a sound system. 

If there are questions,  feel free to email the hall at

Located in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Vancouver, B.C., the Anza Hall has capacity for 117 people. Their rental costs include up to 2 bar staff, security, and the bar is hosted by ANZA. Rental costs listed below:

    • Monday – Thursday $450 for 5 hours of operation. Extra hours are $50/hour.
    • Friday, Saturday & Sunday $600 for 5 hours of operation. Extra hours are $50/hour.

Below are their optional add-ons:

    • Device Plug-in (iPod/Phone) $100
      • No sound tech required
    • DJ plug in $100
      • Optional: Sound Tech (2-hour setup) $100
    • Live music $350
      • Full system with Sound Tech for the entire event
    • Projector rental $50

For more information, you can email

Located on 3102 Main Street in Vancouver, B.C. , Heritage Hall offers affordable hall rentals, with a max capacity of 200 people. The hall offers itself not only as a historical landmark of Vancouver, B.C., but also is described as castle-like. 

Below are rental rates, as of March 2023:

      • 9 am – 5 pm $540
      • 6 pm – midnight $660
      • 9 am – 5 pm $780
      • 6 pm – midnight $1150
      • 9am – midnight $3000**
    • SATURDAY (Jan & Feb Only)
      • 9 am – midnight $960 9am – midnight $1700** 9am- midnight $2100**

Renters are required to turn off their bar and music by midnight and vacate the hall by 1 a.m. if they are having an evening party. The cost of using Heritage Hall tables and chairs is included in the rental price, but other types of set-up will incur a fee of $20 per hour. If early entry is possible, it will cost an additional $50 per hour. The rental fee will be increased by $150 on statutory holidays. Renting the hall on New Year’s Eve will cost $3,500.

For more information, give them a call at (604) 671-9356.

Heritage Hall B.C.
Heritage Hall Vancouver BC Floorplan

To see more venue and wedding vendor prices, feel free to check out our price sheet.

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