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Affordable Indian Designer Brands

Are you dreaming of a stunning bridal outfit but concerned about the cost? We’ve curated a list of affordable alternatives to some of the top high-end Indian bridal wear designers. These brands offer exquisite designs without breaking the bank. Let’s explore these options to help you find the perfect bridal attire that suits your style and budget.

Anita Dongre is renowned for blending traditional Indian aesthetics with contemporary designs. Her bridal wear ranges from $500 to $3,000, making it a more accessible option compared to other high-end designers. You can find Anita Dongre’s collections in stores across India and shop online on her website.

Specializing in men’s ethnic wear, Manyavar also offers a selection of women’s wear, including bridal outfits. With prices ranging from $200 to $1,000, Manyavar provides elegant and traditional designs at affordable prices. You can visit Manyavar stores across India or shop online on their website.

Ritu Kumar is known for beautiful craftsmanship and traditional designs. With bridal wear priced from $300 to $2,000, Ritu Kumar offers elegant and affordable options. You can find Ritu Kumar stores in various cities in India and shop online on their website.

Meena Bazaar is known for its affordable ethnic wear, including bridal outfits. Offering a wide range of designs from $200 to $1,000, Meena Bazaar provides traditional and contemporary options at accessible price points. You can visit Meena Bazaar stores in select cities in India or shop online on their website.

Neeta Lulla offers innovative designs at affordable prices. With bridal wear priced from $500 to $3,000, Neeta Lulla provides stylish and budget-friendly options. You can find Neeta Lulla stores in select cities in India or shop online on their website.


Finding the perfect bridal outfit doesn’t have to be expensive. These affordable alternatives offer exquisite designs that fit your budget. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary styles, these brands have something for everyone. Visit their stores or shop online to discover your dream bridal attire without compromising on style.

Explore these affordable bridal wear brands today and find the perfect outfit for your special day! Visit their websites or stores to discover a range of designs that suit your style and budget.

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