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3 Stunning Spots for Engagement Shoots in BC

Finally, you’ve set the date for your wedding and now you can start planning. One of the few things people forget, (or maybe I just forgot), is booking a photographer ahead of time for an engagement photo shoot. Your decorator can use these engagement shoot photos to place near the entrance of a reception or they can be used in slide shows, and most importantly, they can be blasted on your social media.  It’s now become an essential item for couples.

We’ve decided to dedicate some time and bring you 3 stunning spots in BC!  

  1. Gaslamp (Downtown Vancouver)

Lively, beautiful and known for its victorian-style architecture. You’ll find the whistling steam clock and lamps that always bring out gorgeous pictures. After finishing your photoshoot, you can have a romantic dinner at Bauhaus Restaurant, an award winning restaurant presenting German dishes. If you want to just grab some drinks, head over to  The Flying Pig Gastown, a hip modern bar with great cuisine and funky drinks. 

Length of Drive from Vancouver, B.C. : 0 minutes

Theme: Urban

2. Squamish, British Columbia

While you may be tempted to take nature themed-photos at Stanley Park, a 1 hour drive from Vancouver, B.C. will take you to a place with even more breathtaking backdrops of mountains and alpine lakes

Length of Drive from Vancouver, B.C. : ~1 hour

Theme: Nature

3. Bancy Farms 

For those who want a farm background, Bancy is a gorgeous farm famous for weddings and engagement shoots.  For contact information, visit our Bancy Farms Listing.

Length of Drive from Vancouver, B.C. : ~30 min

Theme: Farm


Bancy Farms
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