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3 Parsi Wedding Ceremony Traditions and What They Mean

For this blog post, Farawayland Weddings shared a few wedding traditions unique to the Parsi community.  The term, Parsi, is a term used in South Asia to refer to people following the Zoroastrian faith. Without going too much into a historical discussion, Parsis came from modern-day Iran during the 8th-10th century, to avoid religious persecution.

To keep things brief, we’ll share 3 key ceremonies of Parsi weddings.

Shoutout to Farawayland Weddings for teaching about these traditions, based on their experiences as photographers of Parsi weddings.  Check out the video below to see work they did on a Parsi wedding in British Columbia.


  • Bride and the groom are seated facing each other with a cloth in between preventing them from laying eyes on each other with a closest family surrounding them.
  • The priests places a few grains of rice (good luck symbol) in the left hands of the couple.
  • When the prayers are finished and the cloth is let go, the believe says who ever (bride or groom) will throw the rice first at each other, they will be the ones ‘calling the shots’ during theirs marriage and rule the household


  • A spool of sting is passed around the couple between the closest family members and the priest 7 times around (number 7 is significant in Zoroastrian theology)
  • While the sting on itself is weak to bind and can be easily broken, it gains strengths when wrapped 7 times and cannot be easily broken any more.


  • The couple wearing red & white garlands and holding bouquet and coconut in each hand when walking with family members to the stage.
  • Before the groom steps on the stage, the bride’s mother holds a tray with a raw egg, supari, rice, coconut, dates and water and begins the ceremony with her son-in-law to be with circling the tray a front of them.
  • Before the bride steps on the stage, the groom’s mother performs the same ceremony with the tray.
  • In the end of the ceremony the coconut will be broken on the floor
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