4 Tips for Having an Outdoor Wedding, Even if it is Cold, Rainy, or Snowy

Summer is coming to an end...Weddings and COVID19 are not.

With COVID19 looking like it is going to be here well into 2021, couples are continuing to have socially distant wedding events. This summer, outdoor weddings have been a consistent trend. 

Over the next 6-9 months, most of our couples will be dealing with cold, rainy, and even snowy weather. For our readers in places like British Columbia and the greater Pacific Northwest, the forecast is looking  gloomy. Our provincial neighbors East of British Columbia…well things are going to get chilly. Therefore, using tent(s) for your wedding event(s) can offer the socially distancing benefits of having your wedding outdoors, while also protecting guests from inclement weather. 

With that said, tent weddings aren’t always perfect. Let’s review some common problems people run into when using tents, during cold and/or wet weather. For each problem, we will also list a solution. By the end of this post, the goal is to provide you with the information you need, to get the best tent setup from your vendor(s). Special shout-out to Vancouver Event Rentals, who helped us put some of these tips together!

Photo Credit - Vancouver Event RentalsPhoto Venue - Bancy Farms
Photo Credit - Vancouver Event RentalsPhoto Venue - Bancy Farms

Here are 4 common problems to pay attention to when designing your outdoor event, and their possible solution(s):

1. The Problem: Humidity – One common problem a tent can face during the cold/wet season, is that they can end up getting humid. The humidity ends up being a byproduct of using tent walls to prevent rain from getting in, and the heat produced by your guests inside of the structure. As the bride, the humidity can ruin your hair and your makeup, and generally just be uncomfortable.

a. The Solution: Temperature Regulation & Dehumidifier – Temperature regulation can help with making sure that the interior of the tent is at a comfortable temperature. The dehumidifier can help draw out humidity that may be produced inside, so that your hair and makeup can stay intact. 




2. The Problem: Puddles – If your tent is setup on uneven ground, or an area where water can accumulate, the ground of your tent can start forming puddles. In theory, people can try  to step around or walk slowly through puddles, but in a crowded environment that may be difficult to achieve. As a result, guests are more likely to get wet and stain their clothing due to any splashing that may occur.

a. The Solution: Flooring – By having your vendor(s) place hard flooring on top of the ground, you can avoid dealing with puddles inside of the tent.  

No Floor vs. With Floor
No Floor vs. With Floor

3. The Problem: Water Runoff – If it is raining, water will naturally hit the tent’s roof and flow downward. In a practical sense, this means that the edge of the tent will start drizzling water around the perimeter of the tent. This can be an issue for both guests who are sitting towards the outer edges of the tent, as well as those who are entering and leaving the structure, as they are more likely to have to walk underneath these mini waterfalls of rain. 

a. The Solution: Water Gutters – Your vendor(s) should be able to attach and setup gutters around the perimeter of each tent, and have the water directed to an area that won’t obstruct entrances and seating areas. 

4. The Problem: Mud– Mud can be a problem. For example, if guests must walk through wet grass and/or mud, in order to get to the tent, then it is likely that they will bring mud into the structure. The mud can quickly make the interior of the tent messy and become an annoyance for your guests and their outfits.

a. The Solution: A Covered Tunnel to The Tent – By setting up a covered tunnel to the tent, you can prevent guests from having to walk through the outdoors on the way to the main event area. For example, if you are setting up a tent in your backyard, you can have the vendor(s) setup a tunnel that goes from the backyard doorway in your house, to the tent. Doing so can mean that guests can minimize contact with the mud, on their way to the main event area.


 We know that this is a lot of information to take in, so let’s focus on the most important key takeaways. We’ve listed them below.

1. Be explicit with your tent vendor(s) and setup crew, on what you would like the event setup to look like.

2. Be explicit with your tent vendor(s) and setup crew, on what you do NOT want the setup to look like. Here are some things to think about, when coming up with this information:

a. List out all the possible scenarios you think that you want the tent to solve for. 

b. Share the scenarios with your vendor(s) and ask them to specifically speak to how they will solve each problem.

i. Feel free to share the 4 problems we discussed earlier in this post, as a starting point.


Hopefully you found this blog post useful. If you have any questions, scroll down and leave us a comment. 

If you want a link to a tool that will let you clearly communicate what you expect from your tent vendor, fill this form out. 


Photo Credit: Amrit Photography
Photo Credit: Amrit Photography
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