Has Your Wedding been Impacted By The Coronavirus?

Wedding season is right around the corner and well…. maybe not.

In this podcast episode, we interview Akhil, who tells us about the challenges him and his fiancé are running into, as they work through rescheduling and planning their wedding around the coronavirus.

Below is the story behind how the team ended up doing podcast episode.

I always thought the wedding industry was recession proof and regardless of what the economy is like, people would still have their big fat Indian weddings. But Coronavirus has forced many couples to rethink their festivities.

During the first few weeks, when the news of Coronavirus first came out, things felt safe. Canada felt safe. The U.S. felt safe.

Now, a couple weeks later, grocery stores are being sold out of toilet paper and many other household goods.

Provinces and states are placing bans on events and gatherings of larger than 200-250 people. Many people are having their weddings postponed until further notice. So we at felt it was our job to find out how couples are managing their wedding plans with coronavirus in plain sight.

First off, you’re not alone. There are many people who are in the exact same situation as you. Most vendors will work with you to change dates, so call each vendor to see if you can change the date to later in the year. If changing dates isn’t possible, ask for a refund of the deposit. It is illegal to host any events larger than the specified number of people (mostly 250 and 200 in some cities such as NewFoundland) and let the vendor know this.

In this podcast episode, Akhil shares a lot of good insights on how to deal with the situation. The following quote from the episode sheds light on what him and his fiancé are dealing with, specifically with one of their venues. “They were great before the virus happened. They were really reasonable with us such as letting us get an external caterer. But if we can’t hold the event, that stuff doesn’t matter. Now they’re not giving us any of the deposits.” Akhil and his fiancée are not the only people l in this situation.

We are hoping others can gain support and comfort through this episode.

Leave us a comment if you’ve had any issues related to the virus, and if you find the episode useful, please leave our podcast a rating.

Link to the podcast:


Stay safe folks!

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