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6 Design Inspirations for Your Desi Wedding During COVID19

With much of Canada and the U.S. entering their 5th month of pandemic, COVID19 doesn’t seem to be showing signs of slowing down. As a result, many couples are choosing to have their wedding events, anyways. 

Couples have been left with figuring out the maximum number of guests who can attend, seating parties while maintaining social distance, and how to keep everyone safe. These constraints can make designing your big day, a nightmare.

We’re bringing you 5 examples of weddings that got creative with their designs and decor, and were able to pull off a memorable day amidst COVID. We hope the pictures of these setups bring you plenty of inspiration and hope! 


1. A Sikh Wedding Ceremony in the Backyard

Here is what we like about this setup:

  1. Social distancing is maintained by keeping seating spread apart.
  2. Seating platforms accommodate up to 2 people per platform, and each seating platform can be restricted to a single household.
  3. The seating platforms not only encourages social distancing, but it is also easier to visually see that only two people from a single household are sitting next to each other, at any time.

Photo Credit: Amrit Photography

2. An Outdoor Hindu Ceremony

Here is what we like about this setup:

  1. It can be kept private and intimate, by making sure your guestlist is within regulatory limits.
  2. You can get a professional to put together a proper mandap, or even consider designing and building your own.
  3. The props required for setting up the ceremony site can be setup anywhere outdoor2.s.

Photo Credit: J & N Studios

3. A Nikah (Islamic ceremony) for Two

Here is what we like about this setup:

  1. Assuming you can make a private booking at your place of worship, you can have a private ceremony similar to this Nikah shown at a Masjid.
  2. The simplicty of a place of worship is that the design effort can be minimal, and still safe.

Photo Credit: Chainayah

4. An Intimate Engagement Party

Here is what we like about this setup:

  1. Tables are socially distant by keeping each table at least 6 feet apart.
  2. Each table can be restricted to a single household.
  3. The tent is useful because it both provides protection from bad weather, while also creating an open space that allows for the the open flow of air.

Photo Credit: Vancouver Event Rentals

5. A Socially Distant Photoshoot

Here is what we like about this setup:

  1. While you don’t have to find the same lake in British Columbia, the general theme is that the photo shoot used a setting that was not crowded. Outdoor destinations tend to offer this the most. Examples of popular destinations include and are not limited to Garibaldi Provincial Park, Jasper, Vancouver Island, and more.
  2. The props that are seen in the pictures are lightweight, which makes it easier to transport them to your photo shoot destination. 
If you haven’t already, check out our post about engagement shoot destinations in B.C.

Photo Credit: Shots by Sharan

6. Get Married Outside

Here is what we like about this setup:

  1. Similar to example #1 for the Backyard Sikh Wedding ceremony, this ceremony also has the benefit of being in an open space.
  2. The setup takes advantage of the natural backdrop and dome structure.
One catch with a setup like this, is that it might be highly dependent on weather.  

Photo Credit: Lisa Simpson Weddings

If you enjoyed these examples of wedding event designs, check out the gallery below to see even more! 

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